Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tomatoes Anyone?

Picked and picked and picked this morning...3 grocery bags full, and I haven't even made a dent!

Plus a huge colander of Romas...

which became this...

and then this...

and finally, my very favorite...baked gnocchi!

(OK...it looked better before we ate it!)

Plus, the very funny melon that grew alongside my Tuscan melons. It looked like a squash, but inside was a 'normal' melon. Guess that's what you get when you bring back seeds in your pocket!

Strange, huh?

Tired of my garden yet?

The kitties have settled in and daddy has decided both are staying.


A little Sangria, some Sinatra, and baked gnocchi...he was more than willing for us to get a goat for the backyard, too!

Matthew has been at drum corps the last few days, plus tomorrow. Relatively local, involving only 2 hours of driving each day.


Thursday he leaves for his 2nd tour, which starts in Colorado. Alex spent today at Wild Rivers with friends, came home, and is at the movies with Jacob and Kyle. Brian is at camp every afternoon, and has been coming home and having a major meltdown, which is VERY unlike him. Lots and lots of sun, so today I picked him up and had a popsicle waiting in the car, which helped loads. He is having so much fun with all of his friends...so much so that I had a houseful after camp.

This afternoon, we met with the architect who is designing our house remodel. The plans are beautiful, as is the price tag. So, we pray. And wait for guidance.

It will come.

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