Friday, July 6, 2007

Pinks and Kobe Beef

Heading out on vacation, we knew there was a stop we HAD to make...Pinks Hot Dogs in Hollywood. OK, it was a TAD bit out of the way, but so worth it!
We gave the girl our order, and then kept changing it. (Typical thing in our family, ugh!) "No ketchup on the bacon dog." "Can you add mustard to this one..." On and on. No pencils, no paper...she memorized it and got everything right! Check out the onion rings. And smile. =0) Now look again. And smile again. =0) Best ever, ever, ever!
I don't like her very much anymore, but she came up with an incredible hot dog! I had a Rosie O'Donnell dog...mustard, onions, chili, and sauerkraut. (Hated sauerkraut until I was pregnant with Brian, but now I love it!) We also had a chili dog, a bacon dog, and an Americana, which had chili, cheese, and fresh tomatoes on it.
Anywhere that has Fanta is fine by Brian! The parking is so bad in the lot, that everyone just double parks. Yell out and the car behind you gets moved.After gorging, we drove North and made it to Cambria around dinner time. We met up with Michael's parents and Greg, Joanna, Maddie, Sophie and Logan...and what a fun place we were staying in! More on that later...first we need to talk about dinner! Alex, the spoiled 13 year old, ordered Kobe beef. Only with Grandma and Grandpa!

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