Sunday, July 1, 2007

Leaving on Vacation

The laundry is done, the house is clean, and we are almost packed for vacation. We need lots of extra stuff for this trip, like golf clubs and boogie boards and lots and lots of food...but it's all coming to together. After all, I have helpers...if I can find them!

Alex has two games today, neither of which he is playing in. He can actually walk without crutches now and the swelling is way down. Brian is at the pool with his friend, Jack. Matthew is in? Hmmm...let me check. Minnesota today. Wisconsin tomorrow.

Got wii?

These are my helpers. =0) Too bad you can't hear them. Actually, you probably CAN hear them, wherever you are!

In a little while, we are going to go out to my garden to see if we can figure out what kind of critter is eating my tomatoes. Probably something that I would normally find cute, if it wasn't destroying my garden!

Yesterdays zucchini haul, next to Alex's size 11 shoe! These things are massive! (We are leaving one on the vine to see just how big it will!) None of my neighbors would come to the door when they saw that I had these...and they call themselves friends? =0)

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