Monday, August 3, 2015

Oh, What A Summer!

I was gone and then I was back and then I was gone and then I was back again.  What a crazy summer it's been!  We spent a lot of it putzing around all different areas of SoCal and it's felt good to stay mostly close to home.

In big news though?

Humidity.  We're not used to it and have no desire to be used to it but we've been forced to deal with it thanks to a lot of tropical storms in the Pacific that have turned our usual summers of paradise into a hot, sticky, pretty close to unbearable and 'oh my word, turn on the AC now puhlease' summer.

We've sweat.  A lot.

I had a list of things I had wanted to accomplish this summer and scratched off absolutely none of it.  Truth be told, part of the reason I've been absent is that our world was feeling quite dark and we needed to spend a lot of time figuring out what our next move was going to be.  There were many, many, MANY sleepless nights and a whole lot of 'ok, God...the ball is in your court' and then, out of the blue we received a very clear cut answer.

It's hard to trust...but I do.  I really do.  And I believe God was waiting to see just how far we'd surrender.  Cryptic?  Yeah, a bit.  Sorry about that.  

Other than that, one of our summer highlights has been following Matteo ping pong balling around the country.

I love that he trusts enough to follow his heart.


 The big garden is INCREDIBLE this year.  All that humidity that I've hated?  My garden has loved every minute of it and every lunch has involved some sort of salad with lots of fresh picked veggies in it.


Took a little road trip for a pupusa... a loroca pupusa that my oh my oh my.  I'd love to make them but they involve a lot of love and I'm pretty sure I'd fail that part miserably and would probably end up throwing things and (gulp) swearing out loud (just keepin' it real) because they seem (and I'm sure they are) so labor intensive.

So thank you to all who make them.


California is dry this year and aside from crazy thunderstorms here and there, all is brown.  Everywhere.  It's going to be a horrible, scary fire season this year.

 In other boys news?  Alex is working out like a crazy person and Brian is getting ready for football season to start, as well as his Senior year of high school  Wow.  It's's really here.  His first college app...the one he's hoping for an early acceptance to is due in a few weeks.


We'll be empty nesters in a year.  

Party at our house?


 Last weekend we took one final getaway back to our happy place...San Diego.  I absolutely love it there and was so excited to go back.  Our hotel was in the center of the Gaslamp District and had the best roof top terrace...the perfect end of summer place to hang out.

We drove down with friends...they dropped us at our hotel and then went on their way to a neighboring city where they were staying for a wedding while that guy that I like so much and I had a really great time just hanging out.

The next day we all hooked up again in Old Town and my oh my...I love it there.

 It was the perfect, end of summer hurrah.

As of this morning, we're back to work.  And while trying to smile and be's a bit sad and hard to wake up to the alarm clock again.


Oh...and I love this picture of our friends.  I dragged them into the church to light a (electric?  really?) candle but caught them laughing with one another on the steps outside.

We know super groovy, fun, loving people who just seem to make this world we live in a better place.  We are SO blessed in the friend very, very blessed. 


So today I got up and worked from home for a bit, took the dog on a really long walk, watered the garden, cleaned the oven, pulled leftover frozen carnitas out of the freezer for supper and then watched a movie with my eyelids covering my eyes.

Summer, you've been good.  See you on the flip side.


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