Sunday, July 19, 2015

It Seems... if I've been gone more this summer than home.  And it's true.  No major trips this summer so we've been taking lots of little overnighters here and there...some with friends and some just us.  It's been fun...we're vacationing all around this huge state that we live in and seeing lots of fun things.

Last week?

San Diego.

We toured the USS Midway and it was absolutely incredible.  I'd definitely go back...but then again, I'm a history nut.  Fun to meet and talk with many of the men who actually served on her and just wander around for a few hours.

I've felt like life is a bit topsy turvy the past few months and sometimes getting out of dodge is just what the doctor ordered.  A change of clothes, a toothbrush, that guy that I like so much and the hotel tonight app and we're set to go.

Oh, and the youngest shrub was away at camp, which made everything much, much easier.

That night we wandered the Gaslamp district and, well, we bar hopped.  The food was really, really good and so were the cocktails.  Our new favorite is a place called Searsucker and I really, really wish it was closer to home so we could pop in there tonight.  They have this form of grown up cracker jacks...kind of a chili caramel corn that I couldn't stop eating and maybe I'm glad they aren't so close to home.

It felt good to be free for a little bit.  Raising a houseful of boys all these years has been, and continues to be, a journey.  We get the routine down and it suddenly changes...someone grows up and it feels like we are in a constant sea of change.  I'm getting better at adjusting to it all and I'm striving to embrace  things as they come...while still failing miserably.  I'm a mom, after all.


The next morning we visited yet another California mission...I'm slowly checking them off my list.  

I wonder while I'm anywhere older than me...what stories do these walls hold?  This floor...who walked on them?  

I guess that's why I'm writing here still...because someday someone might wonder who we were and what we did and how we felt and what we ate.  

The inside of the church was so pretty...quiet and simple and the perfect place to sit and pray for a few minutes.  Oh, and light a candle or two.


We wandered into Snooze last minute, right before they closed, for a quick brunch.  I love that this place makes me feel like I'm home in just has that Boulder sort of vibe to me.  Plus the food is so very, very yummy and I still feel like I could eat there every single day and never get tired of it.

And now?  Now we're home again.  Yesterday was a full day of thunder and lightening and rain followed by a huge wave of humidity that has me questioning where exactly I live.  SoCal never ever has thunder and it was a little creepy..and today is more of the same.  My garden is so happy's well watered and everything is growing so big and lush.

Lots of boys in and out and there is always a crowd here at suppertime.  Tonight, most likely while that guy that I like so much stands under an umbrella, we'll grill up some strip steaks for tacos and serve it with all the regular fixin's.  My plan for today was clean out my bedroom but instead I'm binge watching Army Wives on Netflix...this weather seems to call for that anyway.


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