Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alrighty Then where were we?

Summer came to a crashing halt and we're all in a bit of recovery mode.  

How many days until summer comes again?


My boy has ended one journey and is beginning another.  All is good and while he got news he didn't want, it all feels right.  Through this whole process we've learned who our 'true' people are...the people who chose to support and love our little family in our little house and for that I will forever be grateful.

This God of ours...well, He has a plan and while my human self doesn't always see the reasoning behind those plans, I trust those decisions that are made.  I am choosing to see the love and care that he has shown and I know that the dreams I've been having, the feelings, the unsettledness...I now see that all along He's been letting me know what that decision was going to be.  And while I am just 'the mom', I am not just 'the mom'.  I'm the one (along with that guy that I like so much) that has to be the one to hold things together through the transition...the one to not just believe but to show that love with my words and actions.

This mom business ain't for the faint of heart, that's for sure.  But let me tell you...seeing my boys rally together, the love they have for each other which they'll pretend they don't have?  By golly,  that is all I've ever wanted.


Onward to the next phase of life.  Ready, set...GO!

BuddytheDog is still perfect, still sweet, still barks at anyone who dares to get within 10 feet of his favorite peeing tree and still runs to hide anytime he hears a car door close.

He's quirky and we love him so very, very much.

Tonight at supper that guy that I like so much stopped and looked at me and said ' we are SO dog people now!' and I just had to smile.

Yes...yes, we are.


We live in a little house on a little street with two resident cats who seem to be worthless when it comes to keeping the birds away from the figs.  That guy that I like so much was one step away from getting a bb gun but settled for trying to eat the figs faster than the birds...but sadly, he wasn't quite quick enough.

No bueno.

Mid week grilling was still a possibility as of last week but beginning Monday, when the real back to school schedules begin, won't be any longer.  I'll miss it and even though I'm ready for slow cooked oven meals it is still so gosh darn hot that I'm not quite sure what we will be eating.

And hello?

I will totally miss that guy that I like so much grilling, smoking his pipe, reading his book and drinking his cocktail all at the same time.


And on a sad note...we said a farewell to one of our favorites for a long, long time.  Maggiano's has changed and become commercialized and I am so very, very sad.  It feels like a chain now where for a long, long time it didn't (even though it was) and all the food, sadly, tastes the same no matter what it is that you order.  

And how many times can I say the word sad?

But I am...and so we're breaking up.  

This kid caught a beautiful interception at his first football game.

Man, I like him.


So far, so good.

Oh wait...schools are just now starting which means everyone is still happy.  


Friday night found us exactly where we were supposed to be...hanging with our favorite people.  It had been a rough week for us and we had rallied the troops around us like covered wagons used to do in the old days.  

I can't say it enough...we are blessed in the friend department.  I grew up in a family where the lines were blurred between family and friends...friends who were not just friends but were family and we live that same life.

I love that.


We ate, we sang, we danced, we discussed heavy issues and not so heavy issues...all while grown ups and teens and twenty somethings all just gathered together over incredible food.  

This, my friends, is what real life is about.

I, quite simply, love my people.

A lot.

That guy that I like so much has been gone all weekend and I've been neck deep in 'operation get us organized'.  I've been filing and refiling and purging and while it will feel really good once it's done, right now it just feels a bit, well, unorganized.

We just have so. much. unnecessary. stuff.  I'm tired of unnecessary stuff and so I'll bless it on to someone else who could use it...otherwise known as 'my clutter is about to become your clutter'.

Unless I give up and shove it all back upstairs, which is a very real possibility.


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