Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The weather has (FINALLY!!!) turned and Autumn is here.  There is no other way to describe it other than to say it is perfect.  This is MY season...the colors, the smells, the warm days and cool nights, the anticipation that something really, really good is coming.

Sunday supper was courtesy of our neighbors and 3 days later I am still thinking about it.  I requested her moussaka and if they had a moussaka category at the state fair, she'd win.  It's that good.  

Dessert?  Just a 'simple' baklava.

Want all this?  Just move to my neighborhood and it, too, can be yours.


Yesterday I was grumpy.  Like really, super, duper, ugly grumpy.  Brian had medical clearance to return to school only to get turned away because his crutches were not mentioned in the drs note.

No crutches allowed on campus unless you have a signed note.

Yeah...I laughed, too.

So we made the best of it...poor Brian was dragged from one appointment to the next.  We squeezed in physical therapy, the orthodontist, our primary care dr...we pretty much went from one right to the next.

And then lunch...hawaiian bbq (Nalu's) which was phenomenal.  And cheap.  Cuz right now, I could use cheap.


Anyway, then the grumps hit.  And then,  as the day was starting to slow, the neighbors started strolling outside.  Man, I love where I live.  It really is like Mayberry.

We're having a bit of a chair 'discussion' in our house.  As in, I like one and he likes one and neither is bending quite yet.

The original ones with the straw tops are just not comfy.  I sit at this bar and work for hours each day...I just love this spot in my little house on my little street.  The sun shines so brightly here, the view to both my garden and my front yard is right there, and it's my sweet spot...meaning I have great cell reception RIGHT THERE.


The stool on the end was my first choice but it's just not very comfortable.  The black one with the back is awesome, cheap and I could sit in it for days...that guy that I like so much doesn't like it.

What to do.  What to do.

Truth be told...I shouldn't have asked his opinion.


I love the picture below.  To me, it says everything.

Here's the deal.  Friends will come and go (*) but brothers are brothers forever.  Plain and simple.

Don't ever forget that, my boys.  Please.

(*unless you are Alex, of course.  That kids friends are like my own boys.  I can't even explain it...it's bigger than all of us.)

Lots of errands today:  the million dollar blinds broke and I need to search out the new piece from somewhere.  The dog needs his prescription filled.  Brian needs new jeans because he grew like 2 inches since yesterday.  Red box movies to return.  Supper to plan for the boys...that guy that I like so much and I are meeting friends out at a new (for us) restaurant.  

But first...bible study.  My phone normally stays in my car for those 2 hours but I've got one on crutches, so that own't happen today...but it will be tucked away in my purse.  I love this time of prayer and learning with other women and God knows, I need it this week.  It's easy to let things get in the way of this time...sometimes the only thing that gets me motivated to go is knowing that the snacks are so yummy.  Not this week, though...this week I'll be the first in the door.


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