Monday, October 6, 2014

This Past Weekend

Friday morning: 

Pedicure.  And (not shown), a new pair of shoes.  

Happy, happy feet.


Friday afternoon:

Napping pets.  And (not pictured), a napping pup.  

His favorite place?  Under my feet.


Friday night:

My baby playing football.  And (not pictured), a fancy work dinner out with that guy that I like so much.  

I ate polenta.  Yum.

Saturday lunch:

Smash Burger.  So good...especially the rosemary olive oil fries.  And (not pictured), a trip to TJ's where we stocked up on (much needed) wine.  

Never a good thing to run out of wine.

Saturday afternoon:

Our little house on our little street is all dressed up for Fall.  And (not pictured), the front porch got a make over, too...minus one bale of hay and one cornstalk that still need to be purchased.

I absolutely love this time of year...the colors, the smells, the food, the blankets.  Oh, how I love to curl up with a good blanket.  Too bad they all currently smell like boy, thanks to a recent sleepover.  

Thankful for washing machines.


Saturday night:

Homemade pizza.  I had no clue my oven went to 600 cool (or hot?) is that?  This one was roasted fennel, soprassata and kalamatas.  So amazingly amazingly good.  

And (not pictured), a pepperoni and sausage for the not so adventurous eaters.

Sunday morning:

A long, long hike.  The trail was hot and dusty and empty and glorious.  I need this time so's easy to skip but then I realize how much better I feel once I'm out there.

And (not pictured), my neighbor who came along.  She was a trooper.

Why?  See below.


Sunday morning, continued.


And (not pictured), us screaming.


Sunday afternoon:

A good, old fashioned (but not really) hymnfest.  This one was fabulous...great hymns, lots of people, an incredible time of worship.

And (not pictured), an Oktoberfest after.  Beer and brats at the university.  It's good to be Lutheran.


Sunday night:

Prep for the week.  Time with my boys.  Laundry.  Bible study homework.

Felt good to be busy this weekend but it also felt good to sit.  There were moments where I was able to just be pray.  The number of people we know that are currently facing trials and it feels like there is nothing physical we can do to help.  We're too far to bring meals or to help...but I can pray.  I need to constantly remind myself how big and powerful that is...that God hears and knows and understands my simplest prayers.

I'm thankful for that.

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