Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday At Home

Brian, our youngest shrub, is 16.  And now he's a licensed driver.

His older brothers were all closer to 18 when they drove motorized vehicles but this one?  Well, his parents are a bit older and a bit tired and so they caved and let him drive.

He passed his test, we threw him in the back seat where he belongs (isn't he supposed to still be in a car seat????)  and snapped a picture.  Once home he cleared out the Pilot of any traces of me (I only drive it once in awhile...mainly to costco and to the garden or to haul the dog) and put in his own stuff to make it into a boy car and not a mom car.  Yet another life change, I guess.

And then he drove himself back to school, all by himself.

I'm not sure how I feel about this...I mean, it does give me freedom but I have always loved being the mom who drives.  My boys always knew that I would be the one who would just pick up and go...for years I kept books in my car to read while I was waiting and those books became a phone and then an iPad.  I'd sit and many hours have I spent in that car?

So it's a bit sad, this stage.

So that guy that I like so much and I did what anyone would do when sad.

We went on a lunch date...a lunch date where we didn't have to rush because we don't have anyone to pick up.


Hello, Wahoo's.

I love you.

A lot.

And then we window shopped.  This?  This is what I want for Christmas.  

Isn't it purdy?  

Sur La Table is a dangerous store to go into when you are adding a new 16 yr old driver to your car insurance policy.  Ouch.


Happy Wednesday, my friends.  I'm working from home today...there is SO MUCH laundry to be done and I have to figure out what to do with my couch.  The couch that smells like smelly boy and dog and it's just plain 'ole nasty...but who can afford a new couch???  So I'm going to spray it with a bottle of febreeze and fluff it up and pray it works.

Bet you want to come and sit on our couch, huh?


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