Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Trip To The Hospital

 Today it happened.  

My baby tackled someone and the someone got up and my baby didn't.  He laid there and moved but didn't get up.  The ambulance came, he was put on a stretcher and off we went to the hospital.

Before I go on, he's fine.  Bruised and torn and tired..but fine.


I can't stop looking at the above picture.  Yes, he is on a stretcher but all I see is my boy covered in light...a bright and warm light.  He was hurt (but talking),  I went into my calm zen mode that all mothers go into when faced with a crisis and the paramedics were caring for him.  

But it all seemed calm.  There were scary things being spoken about what it could be or might be and yet it was calm...he was calm, I was calm, that guy that I like so much was calm.

That light though.  That light shining on him, engulfing him, pouring down on him...I simply see God in that light.

We rode an ambulance and I called in the troops.  I'm not a huge presence on social media but I threw out a fast prayer request, texted my boys, and asked for prayers for Brian.

That light was blinding.  

Hospitals are an interesting place.  Many rushing in only to wait for long periods of time.  It's a mystery to me...we were well cared for, X-rays were taken, an MRI scheduled, Drs. in and Drs. out. The ambulance guys stopped in after dropping off another load and chatted with Bri for a bit...they both played for the same high school as my boy and that whole football brotherhood thing runs pretty deep.


 Speaking of football brotherhood...the other team, as Brian was being put into the ambulance, all stopped and helmets in the air started cheering for him.

More light.

My middle boy dropped everything and met us at the hospital.  If ever there is a crisis, Alex is the guy you want around.  He's hilarious...or he was until he almost ejected Brian out of the hospital bed.

He just kept saying (over and over and over) that for the first time ever we weren't in the hospital because of him.

Even more light.


In the end we were released with crutches and pages of things to do later and things to watch for and blah, blah, blah.  

My boy?  He's going to be fine.  His hip was dislocated (and then relocated) and his hip flexor is torn.  He'll limp for awhile and be sad that football is over for awhile and probably feel a little nervous when the time comes to play again.  

I'm not worried...that light will shine down, protect him, engulf him.

Everyone is tucked in where they should be.  I've talked with Matthew, Alex is asleep and Brian is icing and watching TV.  Supper came about 4 hrs after it should have and was courtesy of the closest this case, Carls Jr.  Not the healthiest, not the tastiest but it was food and we were all starving.

The sun has gone down and it is dark, but I still feel that light.  I'm thankful.  Tired, drained and thankful.  Very, very thankful.


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