Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Good Pictures

My photos lately have been...lacking.  And strange.  And, well, down right horrible.

Let's just say that I'm working too much and when I'm not working too much I'm spending every moment just being a mom.

So here you go.  All the photos from my phone since last Sunday.

First up...salsa.  Not just any salsa, though.  My neighbors fabulous-o salsa.  I had some on Sunday.  I had some on Monday.  I had some on Tuesday.  And you know what?  I'll probably have some tomorrow, too.  

Exciting, eh?


Last night at 7:00pm, we decided to go see Iron Man3 , in 3D...on a school night.  Late.  Brian is reaping the  benefits of being a 3rd child with parents who have apparently lost all sense of good decision making.  BUT...a memory was made.  It was late, we were silly in our glasses, we ate popcorn and candy and had sodas and then crawled into bed way past bedtime.  This morning was hard...very hard, but last night was very fun.

And the movie?  Thumbs up from the three of us.  


I usually give my name as 'Alex' at coffee just bugs me that my name, which was on my work shirt, is continually spelled a different way than how I spell it.  And then I looked at my work shirt and my name is spelled wrong on it.


Oh well...yet another work meeting at Starbucks with one of the supervisors who works for me.  It had an extremely high chance of being an ugly meeting...I had to be the boss, which I don't like having to do.  All was well, though.  I spent a lot of time praying over this situation and felt I had a lot of clarity.

God is good.

After a really yummy supper tonight (a big bowl of pasta with roasted chicken, caramelized onions and mushrooms in a creamy marsala sauce) we dreamed and planned.  It seems to be a nightly thing round these parts.  The funnest part?  Looks like that dream is becoming a reality.


And's 3:00am and I have insomnia.  (And no more pictures...sigh.) What's up with that?  So much going on in my brain and I just can't seem to shut it down...I'm hoping the tea will kick in soon.  My caffeine intake has been out of control...until now.  Done, done, done.


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