Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I am just now recuperating from my birthday and boom!  I get another holiday.


I have been so tired lately...a combination of working really, really early in the morning along with working really, really long hours (and still having piles of work just sitting and waiting for me to get to it) and I am just beat.

But this weekend?

Felt like a weekend.  A real, what weekends are supposed to feel like, weekend.
 It all began with Friday night. I made a huge bowl of pasta with shrimp in a garlicky, spicy tomatoey sauce and served it with a big loaf of sourdough bread.  It was chilly, but we sat in the garden under the heaters and enjoyed the quiet.  

I was exhausted...exhausted to the point where I couldn't move.  I just sat and played on my iPad and sipped wine and talked, quietly, with that guy that I like so much.  

And by 9:00pm?  I was sound asleep.

Saturday morning the alarm went off at the blissfully late hour of 7:00am.  For me...well, that felt like noon.  This new job of mine...have I talked about how exhausting it is?  And have I talked about how many people are mad at me and complain at me and are just downright rude to me?

No...I haven't.  I understand their frustration.  I listen.  I calm them down.  But by Friday afternoons I am just done with it all.

Hmmm....where was I?


Saturday morning I slept in.  Brian had a game at 9:00am, so that guy that I like so much and I dropped him off, grabbed a coffee and then cheered on our favorite high school ball player.

Always, always fun.

The rest of Saturday involved lunch out with friends (Pei Wei...YUM!) followed by a stroll through Wholesome Choice where we spent a ton of money on some really great stuff (olives and feta and artichokes and some more stuff that I can't remember) followed by a long night at home.  Matthew came home and, well, all was well in my little world.


Sunday?  Mama's Day.  Church and a big lunch and an afternoon spent watching movies and napping.

Couldn't have asked for a better day.

I'm pretty easy in that department.  I don't need a lot of the fancy stuff.  What I do need is for everyone to be home for a meal.  Now that 2/3 of my crew are adults....well, that's a special treat.  They're loud.  They're rather obnoxious.  They're big.

But they're mine.


By last night, well into my 4th movie of the day, I began to breathe again.  I felt rested.  Not necessarily ready for the week to begin, but not dreading it either...and that's an ok place to be.

For the most part, I just felt thankful.  Thankful for these boys...mine and all the others who I've been blessed to mother in some way or another.  Thankful for those that have mothered my boys and loved them as one of their own.  Thankful for the two mothers I have in my own by birth and another by marriage.  Thankful for the women in my life who've loved me as one of their own.

Just thankful.  For lots.


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