Monday, May 6, 2013

My Birthday...and a Weekend

Last Thursday was my birthday.

I like birthdays...mainly because I figure we have such a limited number of them to begin with, so why waste one?  


This year my birthday was spread out over quite a few days...that guy that I like so much and I spent a lovely day at California Adventure together earlier in the week,  the night before my birthday he cooked my favorite pasta and on the actual day I was kept busy with lots of girlfriends scattered over the course of a big work day. 

By that night I was in my PJ's on my couch, watching a movie with Brian while eating carrot cake.


I did something kinda fun this year...I had saved a gift card from Christmas and along with a 25% off Macy's coupon, I went a shoppin'.  It was so much fun and happened to be one of those days where everything I tried on fit.  I ended up coming home with 2 bags full of clothes and one pair of really impractical but gosh darnly cute (and from the clearance rack, to boot!) shoes.

And it was all free.

Happy Birthday to me.


Facebook is so much fun on your birthday...and so is Instagram.  My boys...each and every one of them, are the bomb.  I really, really like them.  I was blessed with beautiful, thoughtful gifts from friends and family...and flowers.  Oh, the flowers. 



I made it through week 1 of my new big work project and while I didn't throw in the towel, it was hard.  Complicated.  Busy.  Chaotic.  

It's seriously a one woman show and there is so much riding on my shoulders.  My bosses are trusting me to get this thing up and running successfully and I ever overwhelmed.  But at the same time,  I know it's short term and I do like what I do...and there is an end date in sight.

The weather this week was in the high 80's, so I moved my 'office' outside and worked in the garden.  That's a big plus...being able to work from home, in my garden.  Big plus.

Saturday I was back in the gym, cheering on my #15.  My achy shoulder isn't thrilled with bleachers but the rest of me is...and we all win out.  Besides, that's why we have things like advil...and beer.


As is tradition, following graduation at that guy that I like so much's school, we had a lovely little garden party.  Old friends, great margaritas, fun stories.  Summer is closer than ever...though our temps are expected to dip back into the 60's for the next week.  

That warm weather was just a teaser.


Sunday morning was church and I, for the life of me, could not keep my eyes open.  I tried and tried and even ended up taking notes during the sermon...and that didn't even help.   It also didn't help that the sermon was being given by someone long winded....but you didn't hear that from me.


After...lunch for the boys at In n Out and the ever present wrestling matches that seem to happen daily. What is it with boys who can't keep their hands off each other?  Do they ever out grow that?  

I'm beginning to doubt that they will.

Sunday supper...two roasted chickens stuffed with lemon and garlic and thyme, gravy, roasted potatoes and carrots and rolls with homemade cinnamon honey butter.   Comfort food 101.  It's one of those meals that cooks long and slow over the course of the afternoon, making the house smell heavenly...which then prompts my crew to go slightly crazy.  I, personally, love that.  Makes me feel powerful.  The payback is that they sit down to eat, pray, and inhale every morsel over the course of approximately 90 seconds and are then done.

Oh well.


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  1. Hi Michele. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like it was wonderful. Take Care.
    Denise C.


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