Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Playing Hooky on Tuesday

I have a 14 year old (and also a 19 and a 23 year old) who LOVE sushi.  I'm a new convert...sort of.  I like to call it 'fushi'...fake sushi.  All cooked, no seaweed, sub soy paper.  It's really just a roll of rice with veggies and maybe some cooked crab...but it is eaten with chopsticks, just like everyone else.

My boys?  They've got mad chopstick skills.

Alex had his championship game on Sunday night and boy oh boy, is my boy a beast on the court.  Fun times, watching him play again.  He is...well, such a great kid.  I mean, really great.  I look at him and see just the kind of person I had dreamed he would be...big hearted, wickedly funny, kind, hard working.  

I'm actually feeling this way about all my boys right now...I'm in a big happiness bubble.  If you know something I should know, please wait until tomorrow to tell me...I'd like to relish in this feeling a bit longer.  Raising boys to be men...very, very tiring.  Mama needs a little rest today.


My girlfriend had the day off from work and those are my favorite days because she spends them in the kitchen.  Her kitchen, not mine...though I still reap the benefits.  Today?  Stuffed everything.  Eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, and her very own grape leaves.

I had made tacos for my crew but had something much better for myself.


That guy that I like so much is thinking of converting to Turkish-ism.   The food?  ROCKS.


He's been working lots, that guy that I like so much.  LOTS.  Every day.  Every night.

I've missed him.

Today, though?  When you read this?  We'll be playing hooky...at Disneyland.


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