Monday, April 22, 2013

On The Go Go Go's all you're gonna get today because I'm in that go go go place and I can't seem to come up for air.  This weekend?  A whirlwind.  A fun whirlwind.  A crazy busy whirlwind.  A 'I'm tired but there is no rest for the weary' whirlwind.

So here you go.


The end of last week?  88 degrees.  Pretty darn near perfect, if I do say so myself.

Matteo is home for a long weekend.  Happy, happy mama.  His stuff is everywhere but we are continually serenaded with free music.  Even the scales are beautiful.

 That guy that I like so much was gifted a great gift from his choir...and they threw in a little somethin' somethin' for me.  My very own, very favorite candy.  And nope.  Mama isn't sharing!

Also for me?  A Facebook pay it forward gift.  Blessed, that's what I am.  Blessed.

The morning before a big dinner party and I finally have a moment to plan.  And then shop.  And then prep.  Crazy times, I tell ya.

 Saturday morning...Turkish breakfast.  I love turkish breakfast.  LOTS.  

Saturday night...Elijah.  The conductor is my personal is the trumpet player in the paid orchestra.  Kinda cool that the dad can now hire the son.

Saturday late, late,, that guy that I like so much and a really expensive restaurant.  I was wearing a new rockin' dress and he was sporting a tux.  Lobster mashed potatoes, great music and a rather interesting clientele...let's just say that there were a lot of 50 something year old men sporting really, really young women.  It was...strange.  I wanted to walk over and tell the men to grow up and the women to get a backbone.  But I didn't.  Next time, though...I might.

Sunday's hike.  Big hills and a wait for the porta potty.

Sunday prep.  

Sunday night a party was a happenin' in the garden.  Also Sunday night?  My husband, who does not 'friend' students on Facebook, told them that as a pre-graduation gift (2 weeks from now) to get out their phones and friend away.  There was much rejoicing in all the land.  Pretty soon they'll find out that he's never on it anyway, but it's the whole idea of it I guess.


A fun, fun weekend.  Sleep will weekend maybe?


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