Friday, April 12, 2013

Here We Go Again


Well, it's never boring.  

Here's what Thursday looked like in our little part of the world:

10:30am:  Matthew texts that he can't get any info on his car, which he had gotten a call about the night before from the police that it had been found and was in an impound lot.  In Fontana.

10:45am:  I finally get ahold of someone at the Fontana PD, find out where the car is and that I can pick it up if I bring the title and a BIG check.

10:46am:  I cry, in my car, in the Starbucks parking lot.  Why oh why does everything have 'big check' attached to it? Pulled it together, ordered a coffee knowing that my coffee budget will be disappearing in a little over an hour and start driving.

11:00am: Drive east an hour to pick up Matthew.  He's so cute.  I'd rather see him just to see him, but he is fun to go on adventures with.  He rolls his eyes a lot and makes me laugh.

12:30pm:  Begin shaking in my boots.  I've been a lot of places in my life and seen a lot of things, but an impound lot in Fontana is probably one of the creepiest.  It gets better...only the registered owner (that would be me.  the girl.) can go in to see if the vehicle is ok.  No one would tell us anything up until this point...was it stripped?  wrecked?  fine?  I actually BEG to let Matthew come with me to no avail.  ONLY the owner can go.  The kid is getting his name on the title tomorrow.

12:45pm:  Juan, my new BFF with BIG metal teeth, takes me behind the iron curtain.  I shake his hand when I meet him and start talking about life and working at an impound lot and how he must have good stories to talk about at his table every night.  I talk and talk...mainly because I am alone with a big man with metal teeth behind a 20 foot fence, walking among cars that have the word 'evidence' written on them.  He doesn't say a word.  Just walks while I talk.  And talk.  And talk.  The lot is just like you'd imagine...dusty.  hot.  drab. creepy.  And I can't, for the life of me, shut up.

1:00pm:  Just me, Juan with metal teeth and one now found car.  It's been trashed, but nothings been taken.  He tells me it's probably been on a joy ride and brings his dogs over to sniff out drugs.  I try not to cry and end up laughing.  Hysterically.  Like who is EVER going to believe this?  Oh wait, I have a boy.  The boy who is safely (sort of...not sure I would've wanted to wait on that side of the fence either) on the other side of the fence.

1:10pm: Juan starts the car up.  I head out and pay, where I proceed to tell the person on the other side of the little slot that I had to talk through, how stupid the people who took the car were.  How I'm from San Jose and up there?  Those parts would've been sold on the black market already.  I keep thinking to myself that I need to stop talking, which only makes me talk more.  

(Ask Matthew.  I was like a wind up toy that never unwound.)

1:15pm:  The woman on the other side of the little slot, probably to shut me up, takes off a day of impound fees.  The total?  LOTS OF MONEY.  Sheesh.  

1:20pm:  Juan drives the car out.  He comes over and tells me that no one ever takes the time to shake his hand or ask his name.  He thanks me and tells me 'God Bless You.'   I shake his hand again and thank him...but he's blessed me more than he'll ever know.

The positives:
The car no longer needs a key to start it.  Just a butter knife and some WD40.
The car, while trashed, was free of illegal substances.
It's in one piece, in kind of the same condition as it was last week...aside from the butter knife part.
Found a great mechanic near where Matthew lives to solve the above butter knife issue.
We bought lots of wine with my last paycheck.

The not so positives:
The car no longer needs a key to start it.
The car, once started, was not able to be shut off since it no longer uses a key...and neither Matthew or I had a butter knife (or WD40) on us.
Matthew didn't have much gas and the car couldn't be shut off, so our choices in what to do, or where to drive it, were slim.
This fiasco cost me one whole paycheck.

The other positives?
Yet another fun story to share with my boy.  Nuthin' dull, that's for sure.


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