Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Just Wanted A Family Picture

 Just one.  I mean, it's not like everyone lives under the same roof now...so when we are all together I'd like a picture.  Just a single good picture.  Plus, the Grandparents on the paternal side are always asking for pictures and just let me say this:

I'm tryin'.

So here is the play by play, beginning with me doing the 'come ON!  I just want one picture!  Please!'

Here, that guy that I like so much is attempting to gain some sense of control over his sons.  The ones he is responsible for.  I blame him for all of this.

OK...here we go.  The kid in the back...well, I pray daily that he ends up with a child just like himself.  

Just take lots and lots of shots because one WILL turn out.  Maybe?

I'm beginning to threaten.  You can tell how well that works.

FYI...this is the best of the bunch.  114 pictures taken over a 3 minute period of time and this. was. it.

Uh oh.  Here we go.  What is it with boys who cannot seem to keep their hands off each other?  Why does EVERYTHING turn into a wrestling match?  

Here I am, trying to regain control.  That guy that I like so much?  He's done.

Great teamwork, honey.

His method is to just let them finish.  Tire themselves out. Grow up and mature. 

He spends a lotta time sitting and waiting.  He's gonna spend a lot more.

My sister in law?  Well, she has four children.  They're still young and wear matching clothes, but she sees what's coming.  So do I...and it makes me smile.


OK...time to regroup.  Let's get this thing done.

Not sure whose idea this pose was, but it wasn't a good one.  They just can't handle being within touching range of each other.

See what I mean?

This. Is. Exhausting.  


And this is it.  I quit.  They wore me out.  

Good thing I like them.


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