Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter This Year

Easter this year had us at a bunch of different churches...which happens to be the norm in church worker families.  It's not a day off for my crew; in fact, it's the's a day where they all work really, really hard and then come home and take a nap.

A much deserved nap.

But first...antipasto for lunch.  A big platter of stuff...meats and cheeses and veggies.  This platter fed 15 hungry a few stragglers.  I like it because it's easy yet looks impressive and there's a little somthin' somethin' for everyone...which means NO ONE COMPLAINS.

Happy, happy indeed.

All my boys were home and I love anytime they are all together...they just have this 'thing' that I love watching unfold.  They are funny and annoying and they drive me absolutely crazy.  Putting them in charge of the annual egg hunt for their little cousins?  

Made me wonder what I was thinking.


Eggs on cars.  Eggs in the street.  Eggs on the roof.

Clearly they forgot who their target audience was.  Clearly they didn't know that the shingles on the roof are there for a reason.  Clearly they don't think clearly when they are all together.

So...let's see.  Church.  Lunch.  Egg hunt.  Bocce. 

The sun was shining and everyone was relaxed and happy...and hyper.  Very, very hyper.  Must've been all those chocolate bunnies.

Speaking of bunnies...the annual bunny cake!

 He was delicious.


The age range was from 3 to much older than 3, plus a whole crowd in between.  I always like when there is a girl in the mix of my boys.  Just sayin'.  


It was a really, really nice day.   I just kept looking around and feeling so thankful...thankful for all the love that was so evident in this little house on our little street.  For family and friends and food...and for a God who made all of this possible. 


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