Friday, September 23, 2011

This Week On My Camera

I am hoping that next week is my week for pulling it all can hope, right?


Part of my new job is doing crossing guard stake outs, sometimes in the middle of nowhere and always in the wee early hours of the day.  It's fun and I like it...but I am struggling with some parts of my job.  More on that later...

In Bible study we are studying Jonah and I am loving it.  Love that at this moment I am dealing with my own personal Ninevah and am just maybe running from my calling...but my calling doesn't pay money and is that really where God wants me to be when I need to make money?

So is it God's call or my call?  That is the question...


Lunch after with the neighborhood girls...a group that bless me and pray for me.    And (thankfully) shared my watermelon salad cuz there's only so much watermelon one person can eat.

There's something to be said about an avocado burger.

But I'm speechless.

It actually made up for the group of SUPER grumpy teens I was with at the time who did NOT want to go with their mama apple picking but the mama didn't care and made them go anyway...and guess what?

They.  Had.  Fun.

And that burger?  YUM.

My oldest.

He's a man now.

Can someone please tell me how my little pickle got so old without my permission?

And then there's ginormous boy.

Hello?  He was listed as 'failure to thrive' people.  Can you tell?


Last season of basketball happening here...he's decided not to play after this year.  Lot's of big decisions being made, but in the end he needs to make them...and I'm proud of him.

The things one learns along life's new one?  A plate of veggies on the dip when everyone walks in the door STARVING and supper is not quite ready.

Only took 15 years or so.


Well everyone, how was YOUR week?


(thanks again, Jeanett!)

life rearranged


  1. your food looks so fresh and tasty! saying a prayer that God will make your calling abundantly clear!

  2. What yummy food pics!! I have a house of boys too, even a ginormous one that too was failure to thrive at one point. ;)


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