Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just A Bunch Of Stuff

1.     I wear a lot of black.  I like black.  It goes with everything and I am such a fashion nightmare that even I know that you can't screw up with black.  Right?

2.    I eavesdropped on a conversation between Alex, my 17 year old, and that guy that I like so much...they were discussing what Alex had read in Revelations the night before.  And to quote him, ''s nice to know that God has my back.'
(grilled veggies drizzled with olive oil, balsamic and basil)

3.    I love Danielle Steel novels.  There, I said it out loud.  I like that they are predictable...they start out fine, have a tragedy and then everyone lives happily ever after.  And I love that I can read a whole one in a day or two.

4.    OK...while I am at it, I love Bachelor Pad.  Smut TV at it's best.  Drives that guy that I like crazy and yes, it does go against everything that I believe...but it is SO entertaining!  
(grilled bread topped with goat cheese and olive oil)

5.     I wear old fashioned hard contacts.  It's so convenient to be able to pop one out, spit on it, and then stick it back in your eye without a mirror...though I don't recommend doing this right after eating.  That would be gross.

6.     I use the phrase 'you people' a lot when talking to my houseful of boys...things like, 'you people are driving me crazy' and 'you people need to stop wrestling in the house' and 'if I catch you people drinking out of the milk carton again...'
(the perfect summer meal!)
7.        School starts in one week.  Yep, we're STILL on summer vacation.  It's actually kinda fun and while I am ready, I'm not.  In fact, I'm kinda mourning this year knowing that next year will be a big year of change for us.

8.        I love jigsaw puzzles and want to work on one.  Badly.  Unfortunately, there is no spot to leave one out in our little house on our little street because we, well,  live in a little house.
(chocolate croissants and an asparagus frittata) 

9.       Nutella was put on this earth to make me happy.  I believe that wholeheartedly.

10.      My youngest (who will be 13 this week) asked me to make a necklace for a girl he likes and he wants it to say 'angel' on it.  Lord help us as we raise boy #3 through adolescence.   (FYI, it isn't happening.  The necklace, that is.  Unfortunately, adolescence is inescapable...)

(Nick's...where everybody knows our name.)

11.  The above picture?  A pizza from Nick's, which is HEAVEN in pizza form.  


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