Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Weekend

Sometimes, you just need to repaint your house.

At least that is what I (somewhat stupidly) tricked myself into believing this weekend.


We've evolved from September Leaf to Mountain Gold to Indian Autumn..all fancy names for YELLOW.

They all look exactly the same but they make me very, very happy.  And that new Behr paint WITH primer already in it?  

Worth the extra few dollar's.

As for rehanging everything back on the walls?

No time.  

No energy.  

Can't find the nails.

And then there was Blog Sugar.  Definitely a step out of my comfort zone, talking to people who I had never met in real life but had met online and learning more about blogging...and more about blogging with purpose.

And it made me question lots.  Does my blog have a purpose?  And does it need a purpose?  Can it just be what it is...a little blog written from my little house on my little street or should it become more?  Or is more simply too much?

Welcome into my brain.  Fun, isn't it?


It. Was. Inspiring.

Love when that happens.

And that cupcake topped with a doughnut?



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