Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Picking

That guy that I like so much was gone for the weekend with his college students and I am settling in to my new reality...a super quiet house.

Now, I LOVE me a super quiet house during the weekdays.  That seems normal to me.  But weekend quiet?  That's a whole new bird.

So I painted.  


On Sunday the boys that still live in my little house on my little street and I drove kinda far away to church so we could listen to that guy that I like so much's choir.  

And after...we drove into the hills to pick apples.

I will was hot.  As in, HOT.  90 degree hot.

Isn't it Autumn yet?
 The boys, well, they weren't thrilled to be going.  Even after feeding them HUGE burgers and fries and sodas, they continued to grumble.  

In fact, their dad had to throw out the 'DON'T ruin this for YOUR mother!' statement...which totally cracked me up.

I wasn't too worried...I knew it would happen.  Full bellies, fresh air, lots of room to run (just as important for teen boys as it is for toddler boys) and suddenly the smiles were found.  And the rotten apples, which are (supposedly) fun to throw at each other.



We came home with TONS of apples and I have bowls of them all over the house.  OH, and the most amazing pie there any better smell than that warm appley, cinnamony smell?

On the way home the boys totally crashed in the backseat,  so that guy that I like so much and I even got a date out of the deal.




  1. oh my goodness that is a good looking pie!!! now i may need to bake one to try and copy you!

  2. We usually have to pick our apples wearing warm coats. We used to go with our girls every Columbus Day weekend, and it would be cold, windy, raining, or sleeting. We would quickly get our apples and go home to warm up or dry off. Last year my class field trip to the apple orchard was on the only non-rainy day in October. I'm hoping for a non-rainy day when we go to the pumpkin farm this year :)


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