Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Little Date

That guy that I like so much was able to end his work week early (the boys spent the day at the water park) so we climbed into his car, put the top down and headed up PCH to Belmont Shore.

Sounds fun, eh?

In reality, we were both actually super grumpy so it started out kinda ugly.  There wasn't a smile to be found.  I'm blaming it on low blood sugar, a shattered full jar of pickles on the kitchen floor and a free spirited teen...not necessarily in that order (but close).


So first up...lunch at Le Creperie in Belmont Shore.

I actually veered from my normal crepes and had a croque madam...which is now my most favorite thing there.  SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME...and worth every single calorie.

In the midst of lunch, happiness and harmony reappeared and all was well in the land.  

Love how that works.


After, we hung out in the bookstore where each of us got lost in our own sections.   Music for him.  Gardening for her.  Travel for both.

 One quick stop on the way home for a new wand for that guy that I like so much...he gets paid to wave that stick around, after all.

Wand?  Baton?  Same thing.


And that was that.  Back to real life.  The floor was still sticky and the teen was still free spirited, but my blood sugar was once again in a normal range which made everything seem a bit more manageable.  



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