Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend With Grandma

My mom came to visit for the weekend and we ran her much so that she lost her voice.

It was a quiet visit.


She hung with all the grandboys...

...and lunched with my youngest niece.

She watched Alex squeeze into a mini cooper...

...for his first behind the wheel lesson.

And last but not least, she was able to see Matthew perform.

And while the above is just a glimpse of the performance, I highly recommend you watch the full piece HERE because his pianist ROCKS.

So all in all, we did lots...she'll be the Grandma who is napping on the train ride home.



  1. Looks like a lot of fun (except for the drivers ed part!).

    If any of your blog followers are interested, I'm having a Bella Michele party. Hop over to my blog to get the discount code!

  2. So I have decided to call Brian MALEX from now on. ALTHEW is too hard to pronounce.


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