Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Pretty Drive

One thing we miss out on here in SoCal are the big, beautiful, white and fluffy clouds like they have in other parts of the country...but this winter has been different.

We've actually had a real winter, minus the snow, that has me longing for springtime. And warm toes.

But the clouds? Glorious.

(and no...these pictures don't really show them, but they were there. promise.)

I had a few hours to kill yesterday afternoon in between work appointments, so I took a drive towards the ocean and ended up stopping at Crystal Cove for a quick walk along the's so hard to be standing on our side of the ocean knowing all the devastation that is on the other side of it.

Gotta love a GPS that looks like this...that would be a mighty wet left turn, I guess.


Lunch...a (gasp) goat cheese ravioli salad from Bristol Farms. Cheese ravioli, goat cheese, fresh spinach and the most wonderful sun dried tomatoes I think I have ever had.

And a little People magazine on the side. I am embarrassed at how caught up I am in Emily and Brad's relationship. Will they make it work or not?


Supper last night was courtesy of that guy that I like so much...I'm telling you, he throws together a rather mean pasta. I sat on a stool at the bar and watched while he sliced and diced and chopped, catching him up (I talk a lot) on all the things he needed to be caught up on...including the status of The Bachelor's relationship.

He was appreciative.


Yummy...want to come for supper?


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