Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sitting In The Passenger Seat

Yesterday, after a big morning spent in a work meeting where we discussed all the do's and don't's of managing crossing guards (not an easy task, I must say)...lunch was mandatory.

It was pouring rain and cold as all get out ('all get out' in southern California means 62 degrees, in case you were wondering), but that was all forgotten when a warm spinach salad with a hunk of toasted goat cheese was set down in front of me.

A perfect, perfect, perfect lunch.

I then drove home in time to pick up the boys and heard the words no mother of a teenager wants to hear.

"Bring my permit, Mom!"

I honestly can't think of anything more terrifying (yes, that is an exaggeration. Sort of.) than sitting in the passenger seat while calmly teaching a teen to drive.
He did well.

And I think I did, too.

I will say this...I will NEVER make a career out of being a driving instructor.

Just sayin'.


Tuesday mornings are late start days for our middle school, which always calls for a special breakfast...and today that meant eggs in a basket.

I'd actually never made them before and now I am wondering why...I mean, it's just toast and an egg but made all at the same time in the same pan.

Thumbs up from the 12 year old.



  1. So the driving lessons are going well? I am so not ready for that! And Mr. G. periodically feels the need to remind me that "C will be driving in just 4 years!"

  2. Just remember that I will be teaching 3 to drive this summer. A breeze compared to just one. I think I had the perfect lunch ~ Kojaks. That means Italian beef and fries!


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