Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Special Wednesday

What I did on Wednesday:

(so far)

Picked up doughnuts early, early this morning in celebration of the baby's 12th birthday.

I should probably stop referring to him as the baby, but he IS my baby and always will be.

Forever and ever. Amen.

I then worked for a bit, became a brunette again and went thru the cheap gas station car wash.

Don't you love when I share EVERYTHING?
Stopped by Target for some random things like cat food, mechanical pencils, aluminum (remember calling it 'tin'?) foil and a $9.99 watch.
Met a girlfriend for a movie. The Switch...a cute movie, I might ad.

And just to keep you informed, I ate a hot dog with mustard and relish and drank a diet coke during the movie.

Just layin' it all out there.
Wrapped presents for the baby's birthday celebration, which will take place this evening.

(and made gravy, as in spaghetti sauce, and meatballs for supper. his fav.)
And greeted Brian (aka, the baby) when he walked in the door with lots of love and kisses.

Happy Birthday, Brian! Love you lots and lots!


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