Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back From a Break

I had to take a little blogging break to figure out some sort of new schedule for myself.

And my houseful of boys.

Thankfully it wasn't too hard, but I just had to start getting things done that needed getting done (like laundry, for instance) and found I was spending too much of my time surfin' the 'net.

I like doing that. Too a break was in order.

I'm back this week into my get up early routine...the get up before anyone else in the house kind of early.

Not easy cuz it's still dark.

But I grit my teeth and roll out of bed and by the time I start opening the doors of various boys' rooms, I've already unloaded the dishwasher, brushed my teeth, made lunches, fed the cats and checked my email.

But the thing I do first no matter what, in the quiet of my kitchen in my jammies with a hot cup of tea, is spend time with God. Just me and him and my Bible.

And I find, and I am no expert, that all in my little world runs much smoother when I do that.


That guy that I like so much is working like a hound dog and we are spending most of our time communicating via text messaging.


But this too shall pass. We have a date on the calendar...October 14th if you must know, where we might actually go out alone together.


How crazy is that?
Let's other exciting and thoroughly interesting news, I bought chocolate milk at the market.

Like, ready made chocolate milk.

Like, who buys that?

Obviously I did and my boys are now kissing the ground I walk on.

Who knew that is all it would take?
Tonight is Back to School Night the high school. Year 7 of 12. We've been known to tailgate before hand (rebels that we are) but we are just too darned tired to do that tonight...instead we'll all sit down and eat supper together.

And last but not least, today is the first day of autumn.

My very favorite season of all the seasons...leaves changing and the smell of wood burning and crisp, cool temperatures.

(none of which we really have here in SoCal, but a girl can dream...can't she?)

What's your favorite season?


  1. I enjoy spring and fall but no winter at all i like the summer but it gets to hot here in Southern GA.

  2. My favorite season is school, warm weather, relaxed days, lots of time to read, and picnics and concerts at Ravinia. By the way, I'm just finishing up Harry Potter 5 and will be starting Harry Potter 6 this weekend. I should be finished rereading them all in time for the movie in November.


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