Thursday, September 16, 2010


You've gotta love the first weeks back at school...the humongous packs of papers to fill out, the extra supply lists for each class and the 'oh. I need $17 for this and $8 for that.'

Drives. me. batty.

And then you get the occasional parental assignment where they ask you in a million words or less to brag, I mean describe, your child to that particular teacher.

I used to write novels for those 'assignments'.

For my oldest I pretty much talked about how he was the brightest, most perfect child because, well let's just face it, I am the most perfect parent in the world. I used every one of the million words to talk all about it, too.

For the next one down the line I pretty much just wrote 'fasten your seatbelt'. I did use about 798,000 of the million words to describe him though...just to make sure I got my point across. I like to write after all.

Along comes Brian.

Can't they just read my blog?

Guess not.

(and yeah...instead of writing, I perused Facebook.)

I spent part of this afternoon with Matthew...he was having ear problems (the kid has had 5 sets of tubes...still has a permanent set in there, too and he is 20. maybe he'll outgrow it???) but his ENT was running late, so we spent some quality time (killing time) doing mother-son activities.

We bought a car battery at the auto supply store.


We discussed why girls say they are 'fine' when they obviously aren't 'fine'.


We went to Daphne's and ate hummus.


And for the record, Matteo...even girls don't know why they say they are 'fine' when they aren't really 'fine'. It's just the way God made us. Beautiful and complicated.

Keeps life interesting.



  1. LOL!! It is so funny being the only "girl" in a house of "boys" I always expected to have all girls since that is the type of house I grew up in but I LOVE being a mommy to boys. They are so sweet, and compared to my neice, relatively drama free!

  2. How is his ear? Sophie's having ear trouble this week too :0(

  3. ENT's running late ~ it never happens! NOT. We've spent many hours waiting. Then see the ENT, wait for hearing test, then wait to see him again. I think Matt's had 3 sets of tubes, Andrew has had 2 or 3 and James only 1. Beat that! :-)

  4. We love our ENT! I think Mike likes him just for the fact that he is a fellow Bradley grad...although he is quite a bit younger than Mike. We have paid him many visits during the past year, and he doesn't need Kate's chart to remember all of her history. We have some very pretty full-color pictures of her vocal chords and a disc of lovely CAT scans of her sinus cavities (taken prior to her surgery). He generally runs on time, although on our last visit he had gotten delayed in surgery and arrived half an hour late. Now we'll just have to see about getting Kate her meds while she is in England...


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