Friday, September 10, 2010

The End of the Week


I love Fridays.

I especially love Fridays that come after my kids first full week back at school and my first week back at work.

(sort of...I guess Monday was a holiday, but Monday seems like so long ago.)

This week I threw myself back into the world of crossing guards...the good, the bad and the free breakfast at Denny's of it.


And in the midst of this week something really, really incredible happened.

Autumn arrived.

Not in full force, mind you, but just a kiss of Autumn...a tease.

A slight chill in the air and a few leaves have begun to change.

I'll take it.
So on this Friday, as if I wasn't happy enough, a friend delivered a bag full of homemade peanut clusters...which made a delicious supper.

Since that guy that I like so much is out of town and he just doesn't appreciate casseroles all that much (not that he would ever complain, cuz he doesn't...but he just doesn't do cheesy and/or gloppy) like the rest of us do, I made a favorite of the rest of us.

It's basically just macaroni baked with a b├ęchamel sauce and crispy pancetta.


(not that I've had any yet because I filled up on peanut clusters and then the 3 iced teas I shared with a neighbor...but I will later, if there is any left!!!)

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  1. You are going to have to write a cookbook soon girl if you don't stop posting all your food pics. LOL YUMM


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