Friday, September 24, 2010


Autumn, in Southern California.


My heart is thinking soups and stews and homemade brain is telling me salad and anything grilled.

102 on Monday.

102 in September.


Oh...any ideas why my little house is covered on the outside with caterpillars? Weird. And icky.


  1. Right now it is 53 and feels like fall. For lunch I made sweet apple chicken sausage with a spinach salad with tomatoes and sauteed baby bella mushrooms...with warm gingerbread for dessert. I went to Trader Joe's just for their gingerbread mix, but of course I came away with two bags full of groceries. I've got ingredients for taco soup, crusty french bread, some canned pumpkin for pumpkin bread, lots of apples, and more fall stuff.

    Around here everything is pumpkin and apples. Next weekend is the annual apple festival in historic Long Grove. I may just have to go and drag Mike along if the weather is nice. We can get apple treats from the Apple Haus, coffee and tea from Beans & Leaves, and some dark chocolate sea salt caramels from the Confectionary. He should be willing since it's a cheap date...and our very first date was to Long Grove for their June strawberry festival (just a few years ago!).

  2. Take some photos of the caterpillars.

    I finally updated my blog ~ are you happy now? Just battling a cold this week. I was so tired, I didn't get much accomplished other than going to work.


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