Monday, December 14, 2009

Yet Another Par-Tay

Yesterday, I made meatballs.

200, to be exact.

I made gravy.

3 pots full, to be exact.
While I did that, that guy that I like so much cleaned the backyard.

1 backyard, to be exact.

(ok...that sounds like he didn't do much, but if you had seen the shape of our backyard you would know that I had the easy job.)
Students came. Students ate. Students howled and caroled and hooted and howled.

And I, once the last had left, seriously thought about selling our little house on our little street 'as is'.
And then, while I was changing, that guy that I like so much cleaned it all up, put in my very favorite Christmas movie and opened a bottle of wine that was a tad bit out of our extremely-cash-poor-it's-the-holidays selves price range.

I really like him.



  1. I'm glad it didn't rain on your party! I'm sure eveyone enjoyed it!

  2. 200 meatballs?? What a great party-your backyard looks great! I know they wait for the party each year-I heard the concerts were excellent-as usual!


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