Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wishing I Could Sleep

Insomnia...it's keeping me awake.


The very last of the Christmas jewelry orders went off with my girlfriend this afternoon...she is handling all my packaging and shipping for me this holiday season in an attempt for me to keep sane. I have had orders flying in from two different boutiques, so her help has been amazing...thank you, Lisa!

My house, sadly, still looks as if there was a large party here, ummmm...almost 2 days ago. I worked yesterday morning, worked out, showered, made jewelry, volunteered for 4 hours at Brians' school, went to an away basketball game, drove thru McD's (GASP), picked up Alex from school and came home to work on science with Brian.

Towards the end of all that, that guy that I like so much arrived home after an extremely long day himself and did what he does best...jumped right in. He filled me in on our oldest, who played at the honors recital while I was at basketball. He heated me up some dinner. He took over with the science packet and was, thankfully, just as stumped on it as I was. He listened to me go on and on about the fact that every crossing guard seems to need Thursday and Friday off and how can I work every single corner my self???

And now it is the middle of the night and he is sleeping, and all I can think is...did I even ask him about his day?

I'm not sure I did.


When we were dating way back when...back when I was still in high school and he was in college, we used to spend every Wednesday together. All day long. He only had Tuesday, Thursday classes and I might have mentioned to him that I didn't have class at all on Wednesdays at my high school.

Because most high schools back then didn't hold classes on Wednesdays, you know.

And most boys in love, or at least in extreme like, even if they have a 4.0 GPA (until that semester anyway) will believe anything their 17 year old girlfriend will say to them.

Remember that, boys!


So on Wednesday mornings, my then boyfriend would drive on over to my end of town in his Toyota Corolla hatchback...we used to live like 30 minutes away form each other, and we would start our morning at Little John's...where we would share an order of buckwheat pancakes.

It wasn't until years later that I learned that that guy that I liked so much HATED buckwheat pancakes. But I guess he liked the company.

Little John's had a little game machine in the lobby that for a quarter would read your bio-rhythms, whatever bio-rhythms are, and every week it would tell us how in love we were, when our magic dates of happiness would be and also offer a tidbit of advice...kind of like a fortune cookie.

And every week we put in a quarter.

Let's face it, I was 17 and he was 19...and we were young, in love and (one of us, anyway) extremely gullible.

But one week our little piece of advice was to 'ask each other about their day every day' and I still remember reading the card and thinking that was so profound.

Ahhh....to be 17 again.

So, honey, how are you?



  1. What??????????? This mother does not want to hear these things. Now, what you probably don't know...or remember...is that you almost didn't graduate because of your attendance. The school was very lax and when they finally did wake up and call me, it was not a pretty sight. Your father and I both had to go over to the school and, let's just say that I'm so happy one of your sons is giving you a run for your money!!!! What's that old saying, "What goes around, comes around???" LOL

    Love you anyway.....
    Your Mother

  2. I plead the 5th...and will never blog in the middle of the night again!! =0)

    Little John's was (I think) on Capital Expressway near where all the car dealers were...they had really good pancakes!!

  3. I see a book on the horizon..."Confessions of an Insomniac Woman"

    Thanks for making my day!

  4. No way do I want to be 17 again! I have dealt with enough teen girl angst, and we are almost down to the last semester of high school. I don't even want to be in my 20s again. I watch some of the single teachers at my school in their dating relationships and am really happy to be older and settled. It's a very nice place to be!

  5. LOL Wow I thought we were pretty bad in our Sophomore year! Missed a lot when I moved I see. :)

  6. Sorry about the insomnia-it is so frustrating. You are right-night time sessions will release heretofore unknown public information. Just be careful....

  7. Talk to me about your jewelry! I will keep moving backward in your life and there will hopefully be some pictures. You have the most wonderfully amazing life and outlook!


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