Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holiday in a Nutshell

Christmas has come and gone.

And, just in case you wondering, I am not referring to the Jesus part...he has come and is NOT gone.


BUT...the shopping is done. (not a single return this year, too!) The cooking is done. The planning and prepping are done. The visit by my evil twin sister (who opens her big fat mouth at inappropriate times) has come. And gone.

And here I sit in the kinda quiet...kinda because it is Monday night, which means football after all, and discussions are happening in my little house just like they are in households across America.

The 'WHAT was Bret Favre thinking?' conversations.

Christmas Eve brought us to church and then to Maggiano's for a late supper.

And here is where you see a great picture of my boys...NOT, because blogger 'misplaced' it somewhere. If you find it, let me know.

Anyway, we ordered Brian's favorite. The child who will not touch things like american cheese or macaroni and cheese from the box or spaghettio's, LOVES things like mussels steamed in white wine and garlic.

Our table was laden with other favorites...gnocchi, for example. Because all tables should be laden with gnocchi on Christmas Eve.
The young prince, the lover of all things strange, prefers grilled salmon over gnocchi. And when you are the youngest of the houseful, you get to eat salmon on Christmas Eve.

It's the rule.
And for me, the true measure of the perfect cappuccino...the kind I search high and low for, is when the one sugar I dump in sits gently on top and takes hours to sink in.

Not that I wait hours for it to sink in.
Home for the annual tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve.
The Christmas jammies, which this year were quite fitting. And age appropriate.
Christmas Day was packed full of activity. And fun presents.
And a wee little baby.

The day after Christmas brought 2 away basketball games ( with 6 hours in between, thankyouverymuch), which Alex's team won. So today was another game, which they also won...and also caused the parents in the stands to get overly excited. Which was kinda fun.

And then I, along with that guy that I like so much, weeded my garden and picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Gotta love winter in SoCal.
Tonight, in an attempt to reclaim my refrigerator, I set out every sort of left-over...everything from tamales to chinese food to chicken saltimbocca to lasagne to prime rib.

Handed everyone a plate and said, BON APPETIT.

(which means, eat up and then put your own plate in the dishwasher, please.)
Tomorrow morning is yet another basketball game, this time against the private school that beat us a few weeks back...and our coach's alma mater.

Which basically means there will be celebrity sightings and a momma with no voice for the rest of the week.



  1. Only thing missing was me...:-(

  2. I am having to agree with Jan-the only thing missing was ME! I remember our past Christmas or New Year's meals and I miss you and Michael horribly! I misplaced this address and was just cleaning out my purse and found it and immediately logged on to say 'hi' and 'happy new year' and 'I miss you!'
    Kathy DJ


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