Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday, in between working as a crossing guard at the crack of dawn (because COME many people can possibly get sick all at the same time?) and attending Brian's DARE graduation (you know, the whole say NO to drugs campaign), that guy that I like so much and I hopped into his cute little car, put the top down on our somewhat chilly (as in, high 60's) day and ventured to our local Italian market. many words can I put into one sentence???


It was stock up day for the little market and outside, they had box upon box of panettone.

And have I mentioned my love for panettone lately?

Have I?

I told Michael to drive the car right over and we could load those puppies right on in.

But apparently he's one of those kind of people who doesn't think stealing is OK.

It's OK, I still like him...and he really likes my laptop.

We also brought home a struffoli...a lovely honey covered concoction that I used to make but nobody eats but me and so now I don't make and just buy a little one, which everyone digs into and remembers that they don't really like it.

Except me.

And what's with the long, run on sentences tonight?
The day ended with brotherly love and affection.
Sort of.
Oh...and have I mentioned that we have yet to get a Christmas tree?



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  1. Your living room looks GORGEOUS!! I love the color and the window treatment and is the couch new from the last time I saw it??? Your boys are so great. And getting SO big. What is up with that?


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