Thursday, December 24, 2009

The First Part of the Week

The other night, I made the mother of all lasagne's and Brian offered to take a picture.

Quite artistic, I think.

That guy that I like so much and I went on a run to finish up some last minute gifts...and stopped for breakfast at Champagne Bakery on the way.

I ordered a peppermint meringue hot chocolate.

I couldn't help it.

It was on a big sign that said, 'IF your name is Michele, then you MUST order this!'

So I did.

And boy, was I happy...because it just might've been the best thing I have ever had.

=0) the spinach omelet wasn't bad either. But that hot chocolate? I'm still dreaming of it!
Long gone are the days where the children go to bed, the parents throw in White Christmas, pop open a bottle of champagne and wrap gifts by the roaring fire.

Long gone because we are fast asleep before they go to bed.

So, we grilled burgers, made a pitcher of Sangria, threw in White Christmas, skipped the roaring fire (too warm of an evening!) and forbid the children from coming out of the back of the house.

And they actually listened.

Not sure of the threat if no gifts had anything to do with it, but could have been.
The gifts are wrapped, the food is bought, the house is clean.

OK, so the house is not clean...but two out of three ain't bad.


Grandma and Grandpa arrived and Grandma brought cookies...including my very favorites.

It appears that I wrote about my favorite cookie on my blog. It also appears that my in-laws read my blog. It then appears that my mother-in-law felt like maybe it was sign that I wanted her to make my favorite cookies and so she did.

It appears that she was right on the money.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


  1. Those are great looking cookies! Can she send some my way?

  2. Did she bring the ones with the cashews on top??? YUM!

  3. I was thinking I'd like the spinach omelet with a glass of iced tea sangria : )

    It's a good thing my favorite tea shop is in the city or I'd be spending way too much money on tea sangria, red velvets (steamed milk, white chocolate, red tea), and hibiscus steamers.

  4. What a great day it was for you. To think that the boys actually listened to you? The lasagna looked delicious-as did the cookies. And little Ella.


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