Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Week of all Weeks

What can I's basketball season.


I can also say that my eyes have been opened to high school sports in a whole new way...and not the way where you go to a football game and talk non stop until the band goes on the field.

I'm talking loud music and cheerleaders and screaming fans and did I mention cheerleaders?


Alex had two home games this week, which also meant that I had to run the snack bar...and by run I mean purchase food, make food, schedule volunteers, set up, break down and handle all the money for.  I had no clue that it would mean a 7 hour commitment on game days.


But, in my life as a career volunteer, it's all just par for the course.  The people are fun and I am able to watch all of Alex's games...and after this week, I only have to run it for 4 more home games.  Not that I am counting.


Alex has been playing well.  He's a starter and I'm pretty sure he gets his athletic ability (and height...and blondness) from me.  

Brian had his first game this week, too.  He played against his best friend and had to guard him...pretty sure they set up a play date while on the court.  So, so cute!

Matthew is still home and after these last few weeks, I am no longer shocked when he tells me he's going out at 11pm.  He's also taken to asking me where I am going and who will I be with and when will I be home everytime I leave the house.  Smart alec.  I'm going to miss him all over again.

Let's see...what else is new?  I have a bad, bad cough.  Nothing else...just a cough, which means not much sleep for me.  And no hot tea, which makes it worse...and makes me grumpy, but this too shall pass.    

Glad I shared that?

M and I went and saw Valkyrie yesterday morning, cough and all.  Just kidding...I left the cough in the car.  I think Tom Cruise is so icky now, but it was a really good story and an important one to tell...the story of the germans who were not in support of Hitler.

Having been gone everynight this week, I have no idea what most of the people in my house have eaten, which I don't like...but M was in charge and I am sure there was lots of sushi involved!  Plus, I am pretty sure my house has never been dirtier.  It is truly disgusting, but I am coughing too much to really care right now, though I would be truly thankful for a wife.  Quickly.


Tonight I will cook and we will sit and have a meal together, though I haven't yet figured out what...probably a pot of some kind of soup.

This morning, Alex had to work our neighborhood 1/2 marathon at 5:30am and finished just as Brian had practice at 9am.  We picked up bagels and are now home until Brian needs to be picked up at 10:30am.  Alex has a shooting clinic at 2pm and M has a recital continues to be busy and full.

The recent earthquakes weren't felt in my little neighborhood, though the water department did dig through a gas line and we smelled gas for the whole day, plus they closed the street leading to our house.  The fire department assured us that we weren't going to blow up...but I kept wondering since they stayed parked out front all afternoon.   Matthew wanted to I made sure he knew what to do in case we 'sploded:

Now, I need to stop coughing and typing and start coughing and cleaning.  Or stop coughing and start cleaning...that would be nice!



  1. We were all wondering where you have been. Hope you're feeling better soon : )

  2. On Christmas Eve, a house in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento) blew to smithereens because of a gas leak. One person was killed and 5 injured! Not only that...PG&E was onsite trying to figure out where the leak was. Evidently the neighbors had smelled gas for days. Anymore you want to know...but are afraid to ask? Sorry you have a cough. I have a sore throat from allergies.

  3. Oh...alright, I almost peed my pants while watching the video. Between your laugh, Thrivent, and hearing "Should we use a microwave during a gas leak?" Could have died. I really think you're one of the funniest people I know.

  4. I have that gas leak problem whenever I eat to much peanut butter.

  5. She's back! But, really, going to see a Tom Cruise movie? Ewwww. Ingrid thinks you're funny? She hasn't met the rest of us! Let's see, my dad can direct traffic in a parking garage for the fun of it, your mom can pop buttons, my mom attacks toll booths, and didn't that xerxes guy take you on a wild ride in the inner city of Chicago?


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