Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Amish friendship bread starter.  First off, I highly doubt there is anything amish about it...I mean, do the amish bake with instant vanilla pudding??  And second...there is absolutely NOTHING friendly about receiving a bag of this stuff, which sits on your counter fermenting while you stir it and feed it and pray it doesn't explode.  


It makes really good coffee cake...vanilla pudding and all.  

And today is the day I get to bake.


A sad, sad farewell to the most used small appliance in our fact, I am pretty sure one or two of my boys shed a tear over it's passing.  I had no idea panini makers cost as much as they do, so we will be panini-less for awhile.  Darn.
Supper last night was small...Alex had a team dinner, so it was a table set for 3 after Brian's basketball game.
Quick and easy...baked eggs and fruit salad, and crostini.  
Brian looking old.'s happening to him, too.  Stay my baby forever...
Alex came home last night with new shoes.  Here we go again.  I love that he marches to his own drum...remember the pink high tops?  He likes to start a trend and as soon as someone copies him, he's on to something new.

I am off to meet a friend for coffee...MUCH NEEDED and then have a few errands to run.  Matthew is moving dorm rooms (such a blessing!!!) and needs a few things, so I'll hit Target and the grocery store.  Brian has an afternoon class at school (chess) and Alex has a game.  A home game, which means snack bar for me and a long, long night...but a fun one, too.

Supper will be at the snack bar for all the girlfriend and I are usually able to sneak out for a margarita during the JV game.  Perfect.



  1. Hey, any guy who is comfortable wearing pink gets my admiration!


  2. I just opened my mail, and Tuesday Morning has a panini maker on sale for $49.99 starting Feb 3.

  3. I don't know if you've bought one yet, but Target is advertising a type of panini maker with four interchangeable griddle/grill plates. It is $45. My Goodwill store had some for around $10.

    I don't make too many panini sandwiches, but I've been making toasted flatbread sandwiches using Arnold brand flatbread thins--sort of a flattened hamburger bun. I've recreated a favorite sandwich of mine from Cosi's (a nearby restaurant featuring flatbread sandwiches): turkey strips, stuffing, and whole-berry cranberry heated and served warm on toasted flatbread. Easy to make, low in fat, and true comfort food!


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