Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here I Am

Summertime in California.

In January.


It's strawberry season and I can't get enough...and I love that they are grown right here.  Just trying to do my little part in supporting my local farmers...Though I still like my pineapples from Hawaii and my prosciutto from Italy.  Just being honest.

We've had lots of basketball and to date, Alex's team is 17 - 1.  Their toughest games were this week and they won both.

We also co-hosted the team dinner this week and by co-hosting, M and I showed up with a tray of cookies.  Anything for a title, I guess.


We have known this other family for years...the boys played soccer together back in 3rd grade even, but are just now getting to re-know them after a few years of not seeing each other.  Laurie and I are running the whole snack bar together, which is making it less painful for me.

Anyway, the team dinner was at their house and OH.MY.WORD.

Best backyard EVER.

And I took not a single picture of the yard that could easily fit like 10 of my houses in it...but the best part?  They get it.  As in get what life is all it was just fun to sit and talk and watch boys play basketball and get injured as they scrimmaged the coaches.  

It was fun.  For reals.

In between Brian's game and Alex's games and a team dinner, M and I needed a breakaway.

In a big way.

So Friday morning we started at our favorite chiropractor, who has been working on putting M back together after a season of conducting.

Got on the freeway and were for once, going in the opposite direction of traffic.
Stopped for gas, which is sadly creeping up again.  Knew it was too good to last.
And then found ourselves at the happiest place on earth.
We strolled Main Street.  Just us and the NAMM people...remember last year when we saw Stevie Wonder?  Same convention, new year.  We don't have tickets this year, but will always remember last year as the year that we discovered Gabe Dixon and his little band...and saw Stevie himself, of course.
But Friday was just about us.  We admired pretty flowers.
Grabbed a coffee and watched people.
Dreamed of making our backyard look like this:
And rode on over to Tom Sawyers island.  Just because.
Walked over the bridge to nowhere...which did get us to the other side.  With wet toes, I might add.

Floated on back and ordered a monte cristo sandwich...easily the most unhealthy thing you could ever order.  And most yummy.

Still hoping someone will invite us to eat here, where I am pretty sure they do not serve monte cristo sammies...or do they?  We'll probably never know...but that is OK, cuz we have a picture of the door.

And for the 1st time ever, I experienced a not so clean disney bathroom.  The band-aid is from the really, really cute yet painful new shoes I wore this week and yes, I still have the snowman on my toe.
Home by 1:30pm so I could begin the set up for the snack bar.  Doesn't look like much, but trust involves big muscles and some knowledge of short order cooking.

One I have; the other I don't.  You can guess.
It is now Saturday morning.  Brian is at practice, Alex is at open gym and Matthew is somewhere in northern CA on his wind orchestra tour.  He comes back on Sunday but will then move back into his dorm...and I miss him already.  Funny how that happens.

We have absolutely no plans for today, so I am actually going to cook some real food and we are all going to eat together.  At the table.  Like I like us to do.  Not sure exactly what that will be yet, but I have an outside freezer packed to the gills, so the choices are endless.

Blessed.  So. So. Blessed.



  1. Ok, are you trying to get us jealous? Strawberries (James' favorite food), Disneyland for lunch, and lower gas prices than we have? Hmmmm....

  2. James wants to know if you could ship him a HUGE box of fresh strawberries - just for him.


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