Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bread For A Week

Today was bread day.

French bread day.

Made the starter last night and today kneaded and let rise and kneaded and let rise and finally baked it all off...just in time for Alex and 3 friends to show up on the scene.  After playing football.  Which means they were STARVING.

I hid 2 loaves but the rest, sadly, are gone.  Eaten in the blink of the eye, but that does mean that they liked it.  So much for my idea of baking enough for a week.

They also ate pasta and meatballs and are now playing school tomorrow or Monday for the high school.

I am going to curl up and watch the rest of Lost from last night.



  1. Kate set aside the whole night last night so she could watch the first Lost of the season, skipping church youth group (with a bunch of other people including 2 leaders) and cramming for finals earlier in the afternoon. She told us we had to be absolutely silent for the entire three hours. Well, the phone rang (which is unusual since we usually get cell phone calls) AND the doorbell rang(someone soliciting donations). Kate came up during a commercial and was SURE we were messing around with her (which we weren't). Some of you Lost fans sure take the show seriously! She even made me miss American Idol! She refuses to tape Lost and watch it the next day because everyone talks about it during choir and "ruins" it for her. Since it was 3 hours, she couldn't come home from youth group and watch it and still be awake for her finals (one of which was choir). What will the Lost fans do when the show comes to an end?

  2. Oh the bread....I heart the bread.
    Delicious. I envy your mad skills in the kitchen.


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