Wednesday, January 21, 2009



PTA flyers corrected, copied and put in teachers boxes, floors done at home, a quick run to the grocery store and filled the 4 necklace orders that came in.  

And then?

I fell asleep.  During the day. 

I am not a napper, but my cough and I...we seem to do everything together, feel so much better now that we are well rested.  

Brian arrived home with his friends in tow...they are currently skateboarding around the neighborhood.  But first?  They gave a little outdoor concert.  I should have had them open a case to see if anyone would drop money in.


Alex has now completed 4 of his 5 finals...he's off the hook as far as a basketball final, so tomorrow morning he gets to sleep in and go to school late.  Only science is left and he's been studying hard.

No games until Friday and Saturday, so I'm enjoying having normal dinners at normal hours....even if it is for just this week.   Dinners that don't involve a 5lb can of nacho cheese sauce.


I have been cooking...last night was a throw together frittata with roast chicken, red peppers and pesto.  

The night before that was roasted veggies...
...and a few chickens.

Sorry...blogger is scrambling my pictures again...but a neighbor was taking this chair to goodwill, so Brian offered to take it off their hands...cuz he likes to collect things.

And yes, it requires a helmet...especially when your brother pushes you (and the chair!) down a hill!
Back to cooking...tonight is meatloaf night because meatloaf is very presidential.  You know...from The American President?  And buttered noodles.  And succotash...cuz for some really odd reason, I have a family of lima bean lovers.  For reals.  


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