Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Blustery Out There!

Remember me?


It was a weekend of concerts (3 of them), parties (4 of them) and basketball games (only 2 of those) a practice (just 1, thankyouverymuch).

In between there was sleep...not much, but there will always be time to sleep later.


While cleaning the backyard, a mushroom was found.  And a really big balloon.

M strung even more lights from our tiny little house while Maggie napped on our bed.  At least someone is well rested in our house.
Sunday I cooked.  And cooked.  And cooked.
Gravy...3 pots.  Pasta...7 lbs.  Meatballs...100.  Sausage...50, which I then cut in half.  Salad...6 bowls.  Garlic bread...10 loaves.
I like to have it all made early and warming in the oven before the party begins...mainly because I like to be a guest at my very own party.  And let me just say...two ovens rock.  ROCK.
The newest addition...the party board, created by my neighbor.  How I ever managed without it, I'll never know.  Sure made things easy.
Ready to eat...
...and eat they did.  This was a fun and not at all shy!
Practicing their they need to practice?
Alex scored this in the white elephant gift goes perfectly with Matthew's shopping cart.  Hillbillies...that's what we are.

This morning the skies opened and the rains came down...kind of like a monsoon.  We need it so badly...but it is cold and dreary outside!
Tomorrow, that guy that I like so much is taking the day off and we are finishing our shopping.  And going to lunch.  Just us.  

I can't wait.



  1. Hey!!! I told you to put a shelf across that area years ago. I want the credit!!!!!! Thank you very much. Love, Your Mother

  2. Yeah but who EVER listens to their mother!?

  3. Blustery? I don't think so. I'll have to update a photo of tonight. Snowy and blustery.

    You could also use a folding table in that corner, but then wouldn't be able to get into the cabinets.


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