Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Caught Up

The tree is decorated.  Let the parties begin!


Mollie is adorable.
And M came to visit me while I was Animal Crossing.  Kind of weird, but we love that silly, silly game.

Christmas cards have been ordered...better late than never.  I actually did some really, really cute ones and worked on them for over an hour and when I went to check out, realized I was on a designer site and they were close to $100 for only 40 picture cards.


They were adorable but I am cheap, so I had to start all over on another site...and no, shutterfly did not have what I needed.  And I love shutterfly.


Then, a total God thing soon as I ordered them...100 cards for $42.81, though I do have to pick them computer mouse stopped working, which was exactly what I needed to have happen.  

The house got cleaned.  The laundry is done.  Presents got wrapped.  A shopping list was made for this weekend.  Made a deposit at the bank.  Dry cleaning was picked up and more was dropped off...gotta love tux shirts during concert season.  Gas was put into my car...and I only paid $1.67/gallon.  Unbelievable.

I also went to Costco and bought all the goodies for the basketball snack bar, which along with another woman, I am in charge of running for this year.

Cuz I am a freshman parent.  Or a sucker.  Or both.


Brian's friend just left, Alex has an evening practice tonight and M has been sitting in music juries all day and won't be home for awhile.  Supper will be baked eggs...with bread and champagne.  I have 11 necklace orders to fill, so I'll be pounding away at the kitchen table until it is time to eat.  Friday is my last day accepting orders for Christmas delivery, so the rush is ending.

OH...M subscribed to the sports tier on our cable a few months ago (gotta see every Buffs game, you know) and along with it came the Hallmark channel.  We're talking nightly hour after hour Christmas movies...the totally sappy, happy kind of Christmas movies.

Love those.



  1. Animal Crossing. A few years ago, my kids were talking about Rhoda and how mean she was. I thought they were talking about a real person!

    I only paid $1.59 earlier this week for gas. I think it went down further, but the roads were too bad to venture out.

    Have you checked Costco for Christmas cards? Sams Club has it where your can order them online and then pick them up in the store. Tons of cute cards to choose from. I have mine, but still need to address them.

  2. Well here it is Saturday already and our favorite little Blogger is still on Wednesday. She must be out buying us all really nice Christmas presents!

  3. Well..... and here I thought that ***I*** was your favorite blogger. Humph, looks like no Christmas present for you, xerxes.


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