Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunny Day

It's a beautiful day today...sunny and warm. Not Santa Ana warm, just regular warm.

So, my morning was spent in the garden, where I smiled and talked to my little tiny plants. There's red onions, broccoli and cauliflower growing...oh my!

And I whacked and weeded the rest.

After, I met a girlfriend for a cup of tea...or three.


I then ran errands...which basically means that there are now some groceries in the house and the moods of some nameless people should improve.

Came home and spent over an hour in the attic.

Shovel, drag, throw, drive, donate, repeat.

Feel sorry for me yet? Brian just got home with a gaggle (word of the week) of friends and they are raiding the pantry. Alex is staying at school to do homework with his gaggle of friends and Matthew is somewhere around town (probably Chipotle) with his gaggle of friends.

an often noisy or disorderly group or gathering

Just in case you were wondering.

Supper? Well, we are going out Friday night so we really shouldn't go out tonight. I have the stuff for pepper steak that I could throw in the oven, but doesn't Nick's sound so, so good?

1 comment:

  1. Sunny and warm?? It's sunny here right now. You should come here on Saturday, it's going to ~REALLY~ warm, a high of a WHOPPING 3 degrees - and that's the high for the day. Of course it will be MUCH warmer downtown Chicago, about 8 degrees. Ready to hop a plane? :)


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