Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2007 ended with me being in one of my very favorite spots.

My neighborhood.

Tons and tons of food!

My girls...Dana, Alba and Sheila.

Dana with the newest member of the neighborhood...Aaron.

The younger boys were at my house playing video games while the teens were at Dana's. I'm pretty sure my house is in better shape this morning.
(sorry, Dana!)

This morning came early, thanks to my kitties, so I ended up making my Aunt Paula's Sour Cream Coffee Cake for breakfast.

And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Brian is already outside playing and Alex just left to go shoot some hoops. Matthew is still sleeping. He needs to...drum corps begins next weekend, so I'm letting him sleep all he wants now.


M is not feeling great and is hanging out on the couch watching the Rose parade. I've got laundry going and I keep looking at the shape of our house...so dirty!

Supper, I am thinking, will be a giant pan of homemade Mac n Cheese..ala Tyler Florence. I want to work in my garden for just a bit and at some point, clean up this house. For right now I cannot seem to stop yawning...not a good sign!


  1. Aunt Paula's Sour Cream Coffee Cake? First I have ever heard of that!!! I didn't know she ever baked! :-)

  2. Xerxes,
    Yes she use to bake. It's a good, easy coffee cake. Have your lovely wife make it for you.

    Working in the garden? What's that in January? I guess we would have to get rid of all the snow that came last night first.


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