Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking

I feel like I have been going all day.

Maybe because I have.


M had to leave really early this morning and head to a neighboring city where he was doing a clinic. Turns out they gave him the wrong day, so he turned around and drove the 9 miles to work. An HOUR later, he made it.

Not worth a bigger house, I tell ya.

Meanwhile, I've cooked. And cooked. And cooked.

Which makes me happy.

Let's see: escarole soup, foccacia and molasses cookies for lunch. I had a few women over for a committee I am serving on at one of the schools.

Beef Stew...was supposed to be dinner, but will be for another night this week because M called and was not feeling well...lo and behold, he didn't run fast enough and the flu caught up to him. Poor guy. Leftover escarole soup for him.

Plan B...pancakes and bacon for the boys. Tonights choices were banana and chocolate chip. I wanted blueberry, but had one very sad banana that had to used up.

Not that I ate them...I had a margarita and chips and salsa with a friend this afternoon.


Brian made it through the day, though he looks awful. Matthew is on the mend and is currently raiding his dad's closet. Turns out he thinks those nice Banana Republic dress shirts are pretty cool. Alex is working on a big project, which he has spread out all over the floor. Not sure how much he is getting done because the Clippers and the Lakers are playing.
Tonight...after my hot soak with my new bath stuff, I am going to drink a hot cup of tea and watch American Idol. Gotta get my Simon fix!

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