Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunny Sunday

When is it not sunny in Socal on a Sunday in August? Gathered the whole family -plus a few! and took over the pool at the end of our street. Grilled some hot dogs and ate some S'more's...a great way to end the summer. Most of the crew are heading back to work this week, Ingrid's starting a new job (you go, girl!), and a few can be bums for a bit longer.
As for our house? Michael is back to work preparing for retreat on Thursday, Matthew has begun band camp and his drum major duties, Alex is at a team work-out, and Brian is at sports camp. And me? I guess I am kinda sorta maybe just a tad bit in the bum category.

We took over the whole pool...Jill, Seth, Marissa and Mariah, Greg, Joanna, Maddie, Sophie, and Logan, My 5, and Josh, Ben and Ingrid. Did I forget anyone?



Alex n Brian


Alex and Aunt Joanna (OK, Joanna...all I ever seem to get are pictures of your butt! Turn around, chicka!)

8-pack Alex


Bathing beauties! Nice tan, Jill! =0)

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