Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flee Flea!

I've had very leeeeetle sleeeeep, thanks to the plethora of boys who slept over last night. Or forgot to sleep. In our tiny house. At one point I got out of bed, perfectly at peace with the fact that I was going to yell at all of them for NOT sleeping, and I discovered they were all glued to the TV, laughing and talking....and watching High School Musical 2. Priceless. I crept back to bed and let them be. At 4:30am, I am awakened by a flashlight in my face. Alex tells me that he and the gang are going for a run around the lake and then they'll be back. I figure if they need a flashlight, it's not the right time for a jog. He then proceeds to argue, in hushed tones mind you, and then storms out of the room. Lovely.

In the meantime, Michael's 1st day of classes is today and the opening service is this morning, so he should really get some sleep. He supports us, after all. But he's not getting a whole lotta rest considering he's sharing a bed with 2 kittens, both of whom have fleas.

I think the word infestation is completely appropriate here.

Now, we've survived, barely, head lice. Yes, we've survived head lice. Our children survived. Our marriage survived. My pride, though bruised, survived. For the record, our whole gosh darn neighborhood got it and it was even more horrid than you can imagine. It was years ago, but I did find a remedy that works, if you should ever need it.

I'm not sure who is going to win the flea battle at this point. I had bought some flea stuff for the bargain price of $13.99. A week later and the fleas were worse. Should've just paid them the cash to stay rather than taking a drive to the pet store.

I sent out an SOS to both Holly and my mother-in-law, both whom are cat people. They both said to try the same thing, so off I go to the Pet Store. $50.00 later, I have a box of flee stuff. HOLY COW!!!! (And yes, next time I will order online and no, it was not greasy like the cheap stuff.)

I hope it works. Fast. My poor wittle kitties... =0(


  1. I think you meant INFESTATION...=)
    They'll be fine
    They're CATS

  2. What? A typo? Me? Should've used spellcheck, huh? =0)

  3. Well after buying the Advantage, maybe it WAS an investation after all...


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