Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Morning Getaway

It was bound to happen, but it happened sooner this year than ever before. The smiles are slow to come and the laughter is almost non-existent. I'm talking about my husband, who is back at work.


I found out he didn't have any auditions until 2pm today and that Matthew didn't have to be at school until noon. Somehow managed to get the two teenage boys out of bed at 9am and shove them in the car, thinking breakfast at the beach was the perfect idea.

Let's recap...one dad, who has not had any coffee, 2 teenage boys, who stayed up half the night watching reruns of That 70's Show and are now up early, and Brian, who is ALWAYS happy in the mornings, much to the dismay of the 2 teenage boys I mentioned previously. I could have gone either way, but chose to stick with Brian. So, 2 out of 5 are excited about breakfast out, while 1 is even grumpier when he realizes my car is on E, as in EMPTY. He is even grumpier when he realizes that he has just put in 19.99 gallons of gas in my 20 gallon tank. Low on gas and low on caffeine.

This is FUN.

I am; however, very optimistic. The beach is 5 miles from our house and is the favorite place for Grumpy #1. Grumpy #2 and #3 both spend quite a bit of time hanging out at the beach, and are certified beach bums. Happy #4? He gets a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step when he hears the word water.

10 minutes later we are on Balboa Island and are driving onto the ferry. Yes, you can just drive to Newport Beach, but why do that when you can drive your now fully gassed car onto a ferry?

After driving off the ferry, we park at the pier and walk out to Ruby's. A few smiles are emerging, some are actually talking quietly to each other. In the meantime, I notice Brian is wearing his bathing suit and is carrying a towel. That child is PREPARED. I tell him we are only here for a quick breakfast and he says, "Get mine to go, please. I'll be in the water!" Gotta love him!

Coffee+ Food = Happiness and Harmony!

Left our house at 9:30 am, got gas, rode a ferry, walked a pier, ate breakfast and played in the water. Arrived home at 11:30am and watched as M drove away with a smile on his face. =0)

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  1. EVERY TIME I ADD TO MY BLOG I FEEL LIKE SUCH A COPY CAT- yours was the original.....but you TOLD me to do one, so it's ok


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