Monday, May 9, 2016

I Don't Even Know Where To Begin

I've been MIA for so long and there's so much that has happened - so I'm going to just walk you through it with a lot of pictures.  I've been so busy but I'm currently in a Texas airport on my way to Florida and have a whopping 48 minutes until my next flight to Florida.

First up - that guy that I like so much.  Another school year is in the books for him and now the real work of planning the concert season for the upcoming year begins.  But the next few weeks are a lot less stressful and I like that.

Frankly, I like him.


My youngest took me out to lunch and we tried a new place that was so yummy.  Cheeseburger poutines...a big, gloppy, totally yummy mess.  I'm loving his senior year - he's done with school a little after noon and he's become my lunch buddy just as his brothers were during their senior years.  

I love that time with them once a week or so to just feed them and if I'm lucky, I get a teeny tiny bit of information about their lives too.

Mom's are smart.

Speaking of the youngest shrub...he's now a working shrub.

There are worse places to work, that's for sure.

That guy that I like so much and I had lunch at Disneyland last week and broke down on Space Mountain.  Totally cool to see a little peek at behind the scenes and by the way, the new star wars theme is totally awesome.

We, gulp, renewed our passes so there will be more trips to come.

I have a new hiking trail that involves going up a very, very, very, very, very big hill.

And then you hike toward the ocean.

It's all so perfect until you have to turn around and go back up again.


Polenta with roasted brussels sprouts and a beef ragu.


A coffee date with my boy in the middle and he makes me laugh so hard.

He's a keeper.

I walked through this tunnel on my birthday and it just seemed fitting for the day - I was leaving behind the old and going towards the light because (yikes) I am now closer to the light side of things than I was before.

I'm trying to smile.  Really, I am.

On the other side?

Pretty ocean.

Yummy beignets.

And a weepy, miserable me.

I cried all through breakfast and I have no clue why.  I'm not normally like that but oh well.  Everyone is allowed to wallow now and then, right?

That guy that I like so much brought me a cake and then had to go on to work.  A bit later my girlfriend arrived with the same (though a bit more fancy) cake and forced me to turn off Gilmore Girls, get off the couch and basically told me to grow up.

It was so funny...or it would have been if it had been reversed.


Because folks...I'm now 50.




But you know what?

Now it's all good.  I just needed a day to settle in.  I just LOVED my 40's so much and I don't want that to change...and so far, they haven't.


=0)'s all good.

God is good...and apparently He still needs me so here I am.

I am so very, very blessed.


So now it's time to take this 50 for a ride...and I'm ready.

Really, really ready.


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  1. The last picture of you (with your cake in this pos)t is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

    Love you!!


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